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5+ Powerful Messages and Sermons By Jonathan Osteen 2020



Jonathan Osteen Sermons are always powerful just like the ones of his father Joel Osteen , He teaches Motivational and Spiritual Messages. Enjoy 2020 Top Sermons By Jonathan Osteen Below.

These sermons are equipped with essentials of life , if you listen to him and practice what ever he says , you will live your entire life as if Satan does not exist.

Jonathan Osteen Sermons

Jonathan Osteen Sermons

We know that you will like to Download Jonathan Osteen Sermons to you device for you to listen to him anytime you want, we assure you that we are working on that.

Very soon the download links to Jonathan Osteen Sermons and messages will be updated on this platform.

If you have any Question concerning any of these sermons, kindly use the comment box below to ask.

God bless you as you share these sermons below.

List Of 5+ Powerful Messages and Sermons By Jonathan Osteen 2020:

  • Jonathan Osteen – The Love Of The Father
  • Jonathan Osteen – The Password
  • Jonathan Osteen – Embracing Every Season
  • Jonathan Osteen – Expectation
  • Jonathan Osteen – Abundantly Free
  • Jonathan Osteen – Alive

Jonathan Osteen – The Love Of The Father

Don’t bring bitterness into the new year. You can’t embrace the new things God has in store as long as you’re holding onto the old.

Embrace who God says you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a masterpiece.

Jonathan Osteen – The Password

2020 Blessing

You are blessed, prosperous, redeemed, forgiven, talented, creative, disciplined, focused, confident, secure, equipped, empowered, anointed, accepted, approved, not average, not mediocre, you are a child of the most high God.

Jonathan Osteen – Embracing Every Season

God already knew what was going to happen. He knew who was going to walk away. All that is getting you prepared for where God is taking you.

God is still in control. Trust him with your successes and your failures.

Jonathan Osteen – Expectation

You Are Enough

It’s easy to go through life thinking that you are lacking in some area. But when God laid out the plan for your life, He gave you the right personality, the right talent, the right background.

Don’t be limited by what you think you’re missing. You have everything you need to reach your destiny!

Jonathan Osteen – Abundantly Free

When God laid out the plan for your life, He carefully studied it. He thought about what you would need and what it would take to get you there.

You are good enough, you are talented enough, you are smart enough, you are attractive enough. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

Jonathan Osteen – Alive

It’s Just A Matter Of Time

We all have things that we’re believing to overcome. It may not look like anything is changing on the outside, but the moment you prayed, God defeated the source that was fighting against you.

Stay in faith. It’s only a matter of time until you see the fulfillment of His promise!

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